8/25/16  We started the dryer today.  It has 2,500 bf of 8/4 birdseye, birdseye slabs, soft maple, hard maple, flame and regular yellow birch.   4/4 red oak is running along with it.  Expected run time is 40 days.  

 We have run two loads since the prior posting in March.  These contained 4/4 birdseye and  curly hard maple and flame yellow birch.  4/4 and 5/4 walnut, as well as many live edge slabs.  Many live edge slabs in the hard maple.  All material is dried to at least 7% MC and ready for sale.

 3/22/16  We just loaded the dryer with 2,000 bf of 8/4 ash (high sap), 8/4 American Elm live edge up to 30", and 8/4 walnut live edge up to 20".  It will run about 40 days to get down to an average of 7 %. 


3/4/16  We just unloaded dry 5/4 ash from the kiln.  It is heavy to sapwood (mostly white).  

We have just purchased a load of walnut logs from western PA.  There is a variety of logs that have large diameter, some with crotches.  We made live edge slabs (8/4 and 4/4) from our last load that were very popular.  

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Welcome To Kings Mountain

Welcome to Kings Mountain.  Our business saws and dries native hardwood lumber and eastern white cedar.  We retail our products to the public.

We buy logs in Maine and as far away as New York and Pennsylvania.  We saw our lumber with a Woodmizer bandsaw and dry the lumber in a custom built Nyle dehumidification dry kiln.  The kiln runs at a maximum of 130 degrees, much lower than the upper limits of many lumber schedules.   This reduces the problems of case hardening and internal checking. 

Nino is a 1992 graduate of the University of Maine College of Forest Resources with a B. S. in Forest Engineering.   He hauls logs and pulpwood to local mills with his triaxle log truck and helps people market their timber.  He started air drying red oak in 1995 then expanded to other locally grown hardwood species. He installed a Nyle dry kiln in 2005 to speed up the drying process and produce a better, more evenly dried product.  We invite you to visit and choose from thousands of board feet of our kiln dried hardwoods.